Champions League Final Preview

May 26th 2018, a Saturday like none other. The Champions League final is upon us and with 397 goals scored thus far, this Champions League campaign has had it all; beautiful goals, shocks that reverberated around the world and moments to make your heart stop. These two teams have fought tooth and nail through every […]

“Don’t Freeze”

“Don’t freeze” “I never freeze”  For those who have seen the movie ‘Black Panther’, this line will strike out as one of the funniest in the script. Just as he was warned not to, when T’Challa encountered Nakia, he froze. In a similar vein, Ernesto Valverde spoke a good game in the press conference, spoke […]

Quarter Final Preview- Wednesday

From this point, the times between ties will become shorter and the games carry even more importance. One slip up, one bad day and its game over. Continuing where we left off, here are the remaining 2017/2018 Champions League Quarter Finalists. Liverpool vs. Man City Ah. The most unpredictable tie in this round. English teams […]

Quarter Finals Preview- Tuesday

After a month away this time, with a pesky international break in between, the Champions League Quarter Finals are front and center. The Round of 16 was as enthralling as predicted with numerous twists and turns. Eight teams remain having secured their passage with various challenges, some more difficult than others. Only one major shock […]

Champions League Preview (Pt. 1)

The week of February 14th looms, a date that is significant for many reasons. To the romantics, it marks Valentine’s Day, a day set aside to show appreciation to our loved ones. To football lovers, the date marks a display of an unconditional love, the return of Champions League Football. Sixteen teams remain and the […]

Solid Yet Unspectacular

A phrase often used to describe FC Barcelona’s season thus far, a team that is currently undefeated since the Supercopa disaster, 5 points clear of La Liga and Group winners of their Champions’ League Group. Solid yet unspectacular, Valverde has used the tools at his disposal thus far to build a team that is in […]